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Enough Stop Bullying by Siyavuya Mabece

Enough Stop Bullying by Siyavuya Mabece
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Enough Stop Bullying by Siyavuya Mabece

Enough Stop Bullying by Siyavuya Mabece
About the Book

Siyavuya Mabece had an unwavering desire to do something to help the bullied and the bullies. That ended up as a project where she received coaching on writing a book and which led to a final product: the book she is offering to the world!

She hopes to enlighten and engage children across the world about bullying and kindness.

Children do not talk about their experiences when bullied or when they are a bully. That way bullying remains unnoticed and not spoken about until something bad happens.

The book has chapters that include What is Bullying, Signs of Bullying, Why do bullies bully? and a chapter: Play your part, dedicated to children, parents and teachers. There are stories, illustrations and activities that engage children in understanding various types of bullying and what they can do in various situations.

About the Author
Siyavuya Mabece is a social, fun-loving, and talented 10-year-old girl who is passionate about making friendships and helping others, including her siblings. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on 04 February 2012 and is the second of four children in her Xhosa family with Eastern Cape province origins.

Siyavuya is a developing leader who loves to uplift others through performance on camera, on stage and at family events. She has featured on number of popular South African television advertisements and has earned various cultural awards at her schools.

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